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We're a leader in specialty crop harvesting, product engineering, and idea development

Get the right people, in the right place, with the right tools,
and something special happens.

That philosophy, along with an uncompromising commitment to quality, service, and ingenuity has been the key to our success. Together, we've built a company where bright minds are constantly pursuing a better way. Where expectations are consistently exceeded. Where innovative agricultural and hydroponic solutions are conceived, designed and produced. Where new ideas happen every day.

We're specialty crop harvesting experts

We've grown from humble beginnings as a small operation to become one of North America's most respected names in specialty crop harvesting and solution engineering.

Our outstanding team of designers, technicians, engineers and support staff are dedicated to producing the tools and technology that don't just make trimming faster and easier, but help growers get the most from their crop, and we're ready to put our expertise and experience to work for you.

Today, we're a leader in specialty crop harvesting, product engineering, and idea development.

We're growing faster than ever, with a team that can take an idea from conception to market, while managing everything in between. We are based in Surrey, B.C., Canada (just outside Vancouver) and Ferndale, WA, USA, and also ship from San Leandro, California; Hayward, California; Aurora, Colorado; Flint, Michigan; and Berlin, Germany. Together, we have the insight, expertise, and distribution network to bring your best ideas to life, and rapidly push them to the market.

Our primary goal: take the stress out of harvesting.

We collaborate with our dealers, customers, and the world's leading producers and growers to develop the best specialty crop harvesting solutions on the planet with a strong emphasis on systems thinking and single piece flow.

  • Develop

    Innovation is driven by the need to find a better way, and fueled by the needs of the market, the imagination of the team, and the input of industry stakeholders.

    After a decade of selling machines around the world, we've learned the value of listening to our customers and striving to make their lives easier. Our R&D department provides extensive in-house testing and A/B comparisons in a controlled environment, while our partnership with other leaders helps to push the industry forward, giving us a broad range of experiences for solution engineering.

  • Manufacture

    We know that uptime and quality control are crucial to a successful harvest, and that superior tools can make all the difference.

    Across the globe, our customers love the fact that we focus on function, precision, and strength when designing and manufacturing our solutions, and appreciate our commitment to excellence. Our meticulous attention to detail, supreme grade material, and roster of experienced, efficient collaborators guarantees our products will always be in good hands.

  • Distribute

    A speedy, successful product launch requires innovative and creative thinking from beginning to end, and every phase of distribution needs to be carefully managed so that quality is consistently maintained.

    Our network of distribution facilities stretches across Canada, the USA, and into Europe, guaranteeing reliable, quick delivery whenever and wherever a product is needed.

  • Support

    After-sale support is vital to customer satisfaction and retention, and critical in an industry reliant on speed and reliability during harvest. Keirton is dedicated to providing some of the best warranties and support in the industry.

Forward thinking. Forward doing.

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